Senior Designer

My name is Linaka and I am a visual communicator.

I am endlessly curious with a drive and stamina to take new ideas and see them through.

I love...

Learning new skills and developing existing ones

Travelling to far away places

Running under the stars

Playing games like Horizon: Zero Dawn

I have also participated in forums and debates and have been published in the Architects Journal for my comments.

Occasionally I freelance and offer my skills those who require them. Based in London, I occupy my days as the head of the London Graphic team for BuroHappold Engineering where I strive for best visual practice whilst trying out new techniques and ideas.

To me, coming up with a design is a lot like catching a fish. You throw your line out and when you get a tug you start reeling it in. I try and catch ideas as far from the boat that I’m sitting in, that way I can always encounter new ideas. Some of my best work has been done this way.