I’m a founder of GCOstudios
and a design innovator.

Whilst I am quick to learn new software my core strength is within the Adobe suite which has helped change the world as we know it. This strength has developed into educational youtube videos which stands at almost 4000 subscribers and 819,000 channel views.

I love...

Learning new skills and developing existing ones

Travelling to far away places

Running under the stars

Playing games like Horizon: Zero Dawn

I have also participated in forums and debates and have been published in the Architects Journal for my comments.

Occasionally I freelance and offer my skills those who require them. Based in London, I occupy my days as the head of the London Graphic team for BuroHappold Engineering where I strive for best visual practice whilst trying out new techniques and ideas.

To me, coming up with a design is a lot like catching a fish. You throw your line out and when you get a tug you start reeling it in. I try and catch ideas as far from the boat that I’m sitting in, that way I can always encounter new ideas. Some of my best work has been done this way.