With just an image to go by. I created a 3D model based on the scaled proportions from the photo provided followed by a more abstract concept.

The coloured ceiling blocks represent the tagline “The network as individual as you” which follows on the thought that people come in all colours, shapes and sizes, just like the coloured blocks on the ceiling. Some of these blocks would be made of different materials as well. The black screens on the wall would allow for digital messaging.


The Brief

The client wanted to create an engaging space that draws their audience in. Ultimately they wanted everyone that left Fort Dunlop to know and remember the iD area/experience. They had a strong desire create excitement and interest and to make the space a destination of choice when the trainees were not in a training session.

The Original Photo

What is Fort Dunlop?

Fort Dunlop is the CPW training centre where all retail staff undertake an intensive 3 day training course before they go instore. Training covers systems (PinPoint etc.) and some network and manufacturer information. Given that all retail staff go through there it is an important point in their training journey.

Fort Dunlop Space

Privacy Preference Center