Photo Competition Poster for offices

The Photo Competiton was an internal campaign managed by myself and Yanchee Lau with over 300 entrants. We organised from concept through to delivery and post competition. The campaign was a trial of several areas including:

  • social media
  • website engagement
  • email engagement
I organised and provided design ideas for the recreation of the company website into a wordpress CMS with Twitter integration. The engagement was measured with metrics and responded to by enhancing the campaigns further.

The campaign designs showcased here are designed to be in the spirit of the brand and include:

  • logo (within brand)
  • website
  • poster
  • email
  • winners “golden tickets”
  • Wall canvases showcasing the winners and runner ups
Website appropriation
Email notification to all employees
Final Email Notification
21 Days email notification
Banner and Logo design
Social Media Graphic - Facebook

Photo Competition Campaign

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