Moving Onwards and Forward

So it's been a while since I wrote anything. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I didn't have anything to write. It's just that sometimes writing can be difficult. Once you set things down in words, the truth of it becomes known, it becomes a hard fact and no amount of nice thoughts or cheery anime is going to change that.

It's been almost two years since my uncle passed away, and another uncle a year after. They lived full lives but it left a hole in our family. I had started to run but got up to about running for 30 minutes when the first of my uncles passed. After that, i didn't feel like running any more, the joy I had felt kinda vanished.

Joy is a hard thing to come by and I've tried to find it where I can. Writing hasn't brought joy, just sad memories. I don't like the idea of writing excuses but I don't write this for that. I write because it's time to step onwards and forwards. This does not mean that I'll forget those who we've lost or that their dreams will be faded as we will always remember them.

I've started working (almost a year now) in a new role as a graphic team leader. At first I was uncertain if I'd make it past my probation as I'm quite new to it. However I realised that all I could try and do is be the best that I can be and try and that if I wanted something done, to try and change things to be better. Since I've started the change that I've noticed the most is not what I have done but how being there has changed me.

I don't feel tired all the time now and I don't feel sad. I feel happy and look forward to everyday. I wake up early to get into work early, I find I stay at work later because I enjoy what I'm doing. I find that there are more things to look forward.

I've created a Sketch Club at work and it's been running for several months now. I've been championing it and pouring all my effort into making it a positive force for good. It's only an internal community within the company now.


I'll probably talk about all this a lot more in the future. Netflix's Terrace House is calling me to finish watching it. It seems it won't be denied either!

Until next time!

1 Year On - Japan 2014

So it's been exactly a year since I first went to Japan. To commemorate the event I put together a video showcasing some of the random footage I took whilst out there.
Feel free to share and like it!
Since that epic trip which I still reminisce on to this day (one year later!) I have undergone several changes in my life to try and continue some of the changes I had experienced whilst being in Japan.

My first and largest change was to get off the screen more. To do more things that involved not being in front of a computer. That led me to take woodworking classes for a few weeks (I hope to write up a post showcasing the stages of my wood working). Also I now regularly attend East Hill Bible College studying Systematic Theology which I find a very interesting and deeply engrossing subject.

Within a few days after arriving from Japan I realised how much I wanted to change my lifestyle. So I did a huge declutter of my room, chucking out old furniture and donating a tonne of stuff. Laid down new flooring, painted the walls brilliant white and then placed an order for some solid oak furniture in a Japanese style. I love my room now, its so bright and full of light and it makes me happy being in it.

Also, the company I worked for went through a set of redundancies, making some teams redundant, one of them being mine. Yet not a month after I was made redundant I was working on a project with them.

I also invested in a beginners piano course and picked up a used slimline piano/keyboard on eBay which I've been practicing ever since. In fact some of my goals have been to play certain pieces, difficult pieces and the fact that I've learned at least one of them offers much satisfaction. Here is a piano ghosting my playing.
My largest change is that I am now a Landowner, having just acquired a 5 acre plot of wild texas land a few days ago. There I hope to, over the next few decades, build a place that would bring back the beauty of Japan. I've acquired some Niwaki books (the art of tree shaping) and I have already started picking out trees to go on the land - I'll post up on that separately.

On top of the land I also decided to pursue the niche hobby of BJD collecting. Having picked one up in Japan I have investigated further into it and found several others that I found incredibly beautiful. Here is my travel one, Annabel, an Iplehouse K.I.D Irene.
Annabel my Iplehouse K.I.D Irene
I have started a website dedicated to showcasing them at Gift Colony.

Japan is still on my mind and I still want to go back. The next time I go back to Japan I will be prepared and will have bring enough money to commission a kimono for me. Also maybe a robot for Jose, we'll see. I wanted to go back this year though I won't be able to as my next stop will be Houston and my 5 acre plot which has no address. I wonder if I should call it after something in a book, like Rivendell or Valinor.

It's very difficult to say how much going to Japan has changed me from the person I was. I still speak Japanese a bit and I still watch shows in Japanese. I feel that since going I am a better person, a happier person. I find that the future is brighter, and full of light and hope. I will go back to Japan, it's a matter of when.

Two weeks before I head to Japan!

I'm so excited!

Image courtesy of Tumblr, iamcallingouttoyou

That's me every day at work right now. Occasionally I get up and randomly dance to express my joy.

I should probably start at the beginning. Last year, when I was feeling a little forlorn at the prospect that I may never own a house (or flat for that matter) in London, I decided I needed to do something that I ALWAYS wanted to do. A life time dream. That's when I thought right, time to do the trip of a lifetime.

JAPAN here I come!

I'll be travelling with Jose Guerra who will also be writing about his experiences. We both agreed that Japan was the first on our list even though we considered several other places at first (China and it's Shaolin temples, Australia and its giant red rock named Uluru). Japan came first though because we both share a love for the language, culture, art, anime and Ramen. There are so many things to see there and I believe that by going there I will come back with more life experience.

Over the next series of days I'll be posting more information. Where I am going, what I'll be seeing etc. I've kitted out my trusty camera to take some (what I hope will be) truly amazing photos. The kind that inspires people to travel.

So keep an eye out for the next post!