I’m so excited!

Image courtesy of Tumblr, iamcallingouttoyou

That’s me every day at work right now. Occasionally I get up and randomly dance to express my joy.

I should probably start at the beginning. Last year, when I was feeling a little forlorn at the prospect that I may never own a house (or flat for that matter) in London, I decided I needed to do something that I ALWAYS wanted to do. A life time dream. That’s when I thought right, time to do the trip of a lifetime.

JAPAN here I come!

I’ll be travelling with Jose Guerra who will also be writing about his experiences. We both agreed that Japan was the first on our list even though we considered several other places at first (China and it’s Shaolin temples, Australia and its giant red rock named Uluru). Japan came first though because we both share a love for the language, culture, art, anime and Ramen. There are so many things to see there and I believe that by going there I will come back with more life experience.

Over the next series of days I’ll be posting more information. Where I am going, what I’ll be seeing etc. I’ve kitted out my trusty camera to take some (what I hope will be) truly amazing photos. The kind that inspires people to travel.

So keep an eye out for the next post!