We are now halfway through our trip and so far it’s been absolutely amazing. The places we have stayed and the food we have eaten have greatly contributed to this grand little adventure of ours. Today we leave beautiful Miyajima Island and the Yamaichi Bekkan Welcome Inn to go on to our next destination, Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan.

The wonderful Shinko san standing next to Jose - thank you for your hospitality!
The wonderful Shinko san standing next to Jose – thank you for your hospitality!
Miyajima island from ferry
Travellers viewing Miyajima as we ferry back to Hiroshima

Arrival in Kyoto

From Miyajima-guchi station we took a train back to Hiroshima’s main station and the Shinkansen towards Kyoto. The journey took about an hour and a half. When we got to Kyoto it was completely unexpected. As a modern city it is a urban sprawl with architectural clashes between the old traditional buildings and the newer ones. The new buildings as well as layout seems like something you would find out of a movie. The streets are clean but everything else feels very stark, no swooping curves from the traditional buildings and nothing like London either. As I’ve only just arrived, that’s my first impression however tomorrows exploration of the city will provide me a better insight I believe than what I’ve encountered today.

Still we took a taxi to where we are staying. As much as we wanted to go explore, today is meant to be a rest day, especially after the trekking we’ve done in Miyajima. This doesn’t mean not doing anything though! We visited some of the local shops, did laundry and watched the samurai drama channel which whilst we didn’t understand it was still interesting to watch!

Sakura Taxi in Kyoto
Sakura Taxi in Kyoto

Tomorrow we will be going around Kyoto at what may be a pretty intense pace with our guide. More to come soon!