Today we said goodbye to Kanazawa to head back to Tokyo. The train station is enormous and I think that it must be a northern hub even though there are no direct trains to Tokyo. We took an express to Maibara where we then changed on to the Shinkansen. Thankfully the weather was beautiful!

Kanazawa Station is really big and modern

Once we were on the Shinkansen we got to see Mount Fuji again and the train wasn’t crowded. The journey took roughly about 4 and a half hours.

We saw mount fuji again on the way to Tokyo

Once we got to Shinjuku we headed to the hotel and dropped off our bags before running out again to catch a train to go visit the Ghibli Museum. The museum is about a 20 minute walk from the station and is a very strange building. The whole thing is designed not to be square but very curvy. with various levels and roof terraces. Sadly it’s forbidden to take photos inside (I’ve noticed this in a lot of Japanese places, even the shops!)

Inside Studio Ghibli Museum

Whilst the museum was cool it was far too crowded! It actually reminded me how much I dislike crowds but it is to be expected in a popular place like this. Despite this the exhibitions were beautiful and it turns out there are a lot of references to British culture within the artwork. From the hills of Scotland to the small towns and villages dotted across the countryside. It was very cluttered in a very beautiful way.

A giant iron robot that is in the film Castle in the Sky
view from Shinjuku station
Heading out of Shinjuku station

After we left the museum we headed on to Shinjuku once more. Here we walked around and tried to find something to eat before crashing out for the evening.

Privacy Preference Center

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