Finally and sadly today we left Japan. We took the express bus to the airport at 6:15 and said bye to the super metropolis that is Tokyo and it’s winding roads and towering buildings.

Shinjuku at Night, Tokyo Japan
Last Photo of Shinjuku

Thoughts of Japan

The trip has been very enjoyable and after so much travelling a long deserved rest and recuperation is what is needed. The plane was a 12 hour trip over Russia for an arrival time of 15:05 in the UK same day using British Airways. I ended up watching 5 films on the plane and no sleep mainly because the person behind me had legs that were far too long and kept hitting the back of my seat.

The weather was beautiful on arrival and blossoms everywhere and the difference between the two cities were markedly different. Tokyo a dense super metropolis and London is still a low rise suburban sprawl with the ability to see the sky to some degree still intact. Also contemporary architecture in London is markedly more beautiful than Tokyo from the traditional house to the high rise.

Still despite architectural preferences Japan’s beauty lies in it’s rolling hills, it’s high mountains and in the detail taken to every task done. On exiting Heathrow airport I noticed there was just sky. No beautiful mountain peaks peeking above the tree line. Our own trees smaller and more straight, each one the same as the other unlike the tall curved trees that are gently nurtured in Japan.

I feel we will go back to Japan to see those mountain peaks once more. To travel the wide stretches between the cities. To see new sights and to wander roads not wandered. To find the unusual and the beautiful in the most ordinary of things. As Bilbo from Lord of the Rings once said “I want to see mountains again, Gandalf. Mountains!”.  Having tasted travelling how can I be limited to the size of my screen once more? I had played Skyrim on the PS3 before we left and traversing a fictional realm via horse back across rivers and plains and over mountains akin to that you would find in Japan I felt very satisfying (despite the lack of hard work involved!) I don’t think Skyrim will be enough though. I know there are mountains in Europe as well but I sense the mountains that are further away are the most satisfying. Satisfying because they are far away and the excitement lies in the journey not just in the destination.


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