Today we did a circuit of Hakone which took us through and over mountains, across lakes and down meandering roads. I could live in a place like here it’s just so very peaceful and soothing. Saying that though a lot of the transport was crowded today with tourists from across everywhere including Japan.

Our circuit route was Tonosawa – Gora – Souenzan – Owakudani – Togendai – Hakone Machi – Moto Hakone – Hakone Yumoto.

Hakone Ropeway to Owakudani
We took the Hakone Ropeway to Owakudani – it wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be

Just to clarify this area is huge and spans several different transport links. We took the mountain railway, cable car, ropeway, pirate ship and finally bus which was all covered by the Hakone Free Pass.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji in Japan on a clear day
Mount Fuji in Japan on a clear day – great weather!

The best views of  Mount Fuji (short of going to the top of Mount Komaga-take) were taken at Owakudani on a clear day. We were really lucky that the day was so beautiful, clear and warm as the top of the mountain and at the lake the wind tends to blow a lot fiercer. Thank you Cotsworld for my wonderful mountain jumper!

Black Eggs from Owakundani
Black Eggs from Owakundani

The mysterious Black Egg is said to increase your life span by 7 years. I’m not an egg person but I had a nibble and it was really yummy! You can find out more about the eggs here.

Vince from France who gave us some of her Black Eggs
Vince from France who gave us some of her Black Eggs – Thanks!

Vince was the really nice lady who offered us the eggs as the place that sold them only sold them in batches of five. Thank you Vince! It’s also unwise to eat more than two by yourself! I wonder what she will do with the last egg…

Lake Ashi

Pirate Ship across Lake Ashi
Pirate Ship across Lake Ashi

When I first heard we would be taking a pirate ship I was wondering why there is a pirate ship on Lake Ashi. Then I saw it and I thought “this is really cool!’ and so it didn’t matter why so much. I always like to see fun stuff anyway!

Pirate Ship across Lake Ashi
This was the pirate ship that was pulling in as we were leaving for Hakone-machi
Lake Ashi and the peak of Mount Fuji
Lake Ashi and the peak of Mount Fuji

The view across Lake Ashi is really stunning. That postcard photo of  Mount Fuji, Lake Ashi and Hakone Jinja can be taken as the pirate ship goes from Hakone-machi to Motohakone. The wind was really cold though despite the warm sun and high temperatures. In winter it must truly be freezing!

Hakone Jinja
Hakone Jinja

At Motohakone we walked to Hakone Jinja and Hakone Torii where we climbed several flights of stairs (reminded me a bit of Kung Fu Panda) and had a look at the huge cedar trees, temple and dragon fountains.

Dragon Purification Fountain
Dragon Purification Fountain

This section of the trip was truly amazing though, I thought it would be and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. We’ll will be heading out to Osaka in a few hours time where we should hopefully be reunited with our couriered luggage.

Read Jose’s post about the day here

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