After a long 11 hour flight we landed around 8:42am local time. The flight was ok, we flew over Russia (I think it may have to do with arctic winds speeding the journey) and I ended up watching Frozen, part of Wolverine and the Escape Plan.

aerial view of Japan
An aerial view of Japan

When we were about to land I could feel the excitement kicking in, seeing all the mountains from the air including Mount Fuji and the beach with the sun blazing bright made me feel like I had truly begun an adventure. I was all wide eyed like a kid in the greatest candy store in the world when I arrived. That lasted for an hour or so and that’s when the jet lag kicked in and I became SUPER exhausted during the course of travelling from Narita to Tokyo. By the time we arrived in Tokyo at the hotel I just wanted to lay down and sleep. However checkin wasn’t for another 3 hours. So we decided to explore the local area. We found tonnes of souvenir shops, places that sold yukata, swords, trinkets and other stuff. I itched to buy stuff!

Richmond Asakusa Hotel
Richmond Asakusa Hotel

Seeing some of the prices though I was very aware that we should save that souvenir shopping trip until we are back in Tokyo in April. Last thing I want to do is run out of money on day one!

However I did notice somethings!

First Impressions

There are tiny trucks! Everywhere is full of these tiny little vehicles that we are used to seeing a lot bigger.

Japanese garden Sensoji
A small water feature next to Sensoji

The landscape also reminded me of England somewhat especially on the approach to Tokyo we encountered these huge apartment blocks which reminded me a lot of council estates.

Ramen Asakusa
This was where ate Ramen for 380yen. Yummy.
Senso-ji - Tokyo's Oldest Temple at Night
We went to Senso-ji – Tokyo’s oldest temple as it is right by our hotel.
It was really busy during the day, less so at night.

Thats it for now, long day ahead tomorrow! Make sure to check out Jose’s view of today.