It’s the evening and the sun sets and I have tingles in my shoulders. It’s the night before I fly out and I’m prepping for tomorrow’s flight.

I haven’t started packing yet (crazy I know) and there are several things I need to charge and prep for the long journey ahead. So far today I have got my hair done just a wash and trim so it’s more presentable and hopefully easier to manage. Then I ran around the shops looking for cheap tops and leggings to take with me (£3 Primark for some capris). Finally I came back home and had a two hour nap at around 2pm to try and get me used to sleeping during the day.

I also made a little Yen Sheet for me to reference the cost of things (I used as a basis)

100円 – 59p

200円 – £1.18

250円 – £1.48

500円 – £2.96

750円 – £4.45

1000円 – £5.91

1500円 – £8.87

2000円 – £11.82

3000円 – £17.74

4000円 – £23.65

5000円 – £29.57

7500円 – £44.34

10000円 – £59.12

20000円 – £118.23

30000円 – £177.31

40000円 – £236.40

50000円 – £295.50

100000円 – £591

I’m hoping that should cover the most of it. I’ll try and do an update later this evening.


So it’s 11:40pm and I’m finally packed. It’s very difficult trying to travel light but have enough stuff to wear. Still I’ve had a good British dinner of chicken and ham pie with carrots, chips and gravy. Yummy.

British Food

I’m tired and I’m going to get a few hours sleep. The plan for tomorrow is to get up around 5am have a bath, eat breakfast, finish the last of the packing and double check documents.

I know I should be super excited but so sleepy…