Today we skipped our usual routine of running around town trying to see everything. Although Takayama has lots to see the combined stormy weather with freezing cold wind and my lack of super warm clothing meant I didn’t want to stay out too long.

takayama street
This street runs right though town from the Yamakyu to the train station

From Yamakyu we walked to the main shopping area. It’s possible to walk around the whole town if you don’t mind the hilly nature of it so much. Whilst we were walking we came across many antique shops with expensive antiques inside. Even the smallest of trinkets were near £100 by themselves! There are also many French looking stores with French names which I think are to cater to French tourists.

takayama shopping street
The main street in Takayama

We wandered down to the main high street and there were many shops, some meant for tourists, others not so much I think. We went into one and I tried talking to the lady owner about her goods and found out that the goods in her shop are made in China and the goods made in Japan are much more expensive. It made me real think about the effect it has on the Japanese economy, being to close to an economic giant like China.

Graffiti street-art--takayama Japan
Graffiti Art / Wall Art in Takayama

Down one of the side roads I saw this and whilst I haven’t seen any gang graffiti this is a different kind of art and still tagged with a signature. I think it’s cute and have been looking for art here since we arrived though not the museum type, more local art.

The Kokeshi Doll I picked up from the toy shop in Takayama

My first Kokeshi Doll! I picked her up at the toy store. I have seen many Kokeshi Dolls since travelling to Japan, most tend to have similar aspects. Though this was the first green one I have seen since we have been here. Her hair reminds me of the bamboo forest we visited back in Kyoto’s Arashiyama. She looks so pretty!

Hamburger sweet gifts from Center 4 Hamburgers
Hamburger sweet gifts we got from Center 4 Hamburgers

Finally when the storm was starting up again we headed back to Center 4 Hamburgers once more for a last Hida Burger. It was delicious and the lady gave us small hamburger sweets for coming back. These hamburgers are so cute!

The misty mountains of Takayama