We left Takayama on the 11:00 train which would take us to Toyama. From Toyama we would then catch a train to Kanazawa. I know there was so much we didn’t see in Takayama and somethings I had wanted to see. I don’t think I prepared myself for the Japanese alps well enough however. One mountain fleece may keep my core warm but it’s definitely not windproof and leggings don’t do the trick either! I should have invested in some warm joggers.

A small town in Japan with lots of rice planted everywhere
A small town with lots of farmland everywhere

The train ride towards Toyama was beautiful. Our train travelled over rivers, through mountains and sometimes along the mountain side. We saw whole towns covered with farm land though I have no idea what they were farming. As we sped past them I thought it was rice but seeing the images now I don’t think it is.

A large rural house between Takayama and Kanazawa against a mountain in Japan
A large rural house between Takayama and Kanazawa

We passed by many beautiful houses. Some huge and some very small. They were a mix of old and new buildings. Most were in the traditional Japanese style.

A small house with a rice paddy in the back yard in japan's mountains
A small house with a paddy in the back yard
There are many beautiful rivers in Japan
There are many beautiful rivers in Japan

With mountains surrounding us on every side it felt like we were on a giant mountain plateau. High up in the alps it’s easy to imagine this place cut off with snow. The water was a deep turquoise and clear even as it frothed and spilled over rocks.

A small beautiful town in Japan
A small beautiful town in Japan

Many of the trees seem to be evergreens in Japan and I think the ones that aren’t are probably the ones that turn the beautiful shades of red and yellow during autumn. I think it would be wonderful to visit this place in Autumn. If it weren’t for how cold I suspect this place to get I think it might be a great place to live in fact!

So many beautiful scenes

I really enjoyed the view from Takayama to Toyama. Once we had changed on to the train towards Kanazawa though the view seemed more of a cityscape and less rural. Kanazawa itself feels like a modern city on arrival though parts of it cling to old tradition. I’ll cover Kanazawa more in the next post. You can also read about Jose’s thoughts on Kanazawa here

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